Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique, which has its origins in Tibetan Buddhism. Now widely spread in Italy, it is aimed at improving psycho-physical well-being through touch.
Rediscovering this simple technique was Mikao Usui, a Japanese Christian monk, who brought it to light in the late 19th century, calling it the “Art of Healing.”
According to oriental medicine, the so-called life energy flows freely in a healthy and happy person. However, it can suffer interruptions or imbalances, following events of a physical or emotional nature.
Even though they are energy and therefore manifestations that are so to speak subtle, these blocks can lead to muscle tension, contractures, pain and even disease.


Through the use of his hands on the body of the person to be treated, the operator will act as a channel through which to transmit the vital energy, which is the foundation at the base of every living entity. This is to promote the patient’s energy balance and give a newfound sense of well-being.
We will use a relaxing background music, incense and soft lights. After about an hour, your treatment will conclude.

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