Our technique is the Swedish massage, one of the most popular treatments in the world, with the aim of promoting a state of relaxation and well-being.
We perform it poolside, or inside the villa spaces, with relaxing background music, natural scented oils and incense.


The operator through the execution of different manipulations, which with different intensities will involve the whole body, will combine passive stretching exercises and joint mobilization to increase the beneficial effects.


After about an hour and a half, your moment of relaxation will end with detoxifying organic herbal tea and fresh fruit.


Swedish massage can be helpful in cases of anxiety and depression, headaches, or difficulty falling asleep. Gastrointestinal disorders, arthrosis, sciatica and circulation disorders.
It should be practiced with the intent of promoting relaxation, reducing stress and any anxious states connected to it. It is also indicated to tone the muscles and release any tension. By promoting and stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation, it helps the elimination of excess fluids. It can also improve the appearance of the skin, making it brighter and softer.

Swedish massage
Swedish massage
Swedish massage


Born in Modica, she graduated in 1999 as a commercial expert and correspondent in foreign languages.

In 2002 he opened the first Bottega Solidale in Scicli. Since 2019 she has been attending the school of aesthetics at the “E-laborando” Research and Training Institute, where she discovers that she has a great propensity for the job of masseuse. Moved by the interest to deepen this area, in 2021 she enrolled in the National School of Massage, which she still attends today.

Born in Modica, in 2009 she graduated in Educational Science at the Giovanni Verga Higher Education Institute.

Always attracted to the profession of beautician and masseuse, in 2019 she attended the school of aesthetics at the “E-laborando” Research and Training Institute, where she pours out her humanistic skills developed during high school. To complete and expand his professional career in 2021 he enrolled in the National School of Massage, which he still attends today.

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