I will preface this Casa Farlisa’s blog with a personal selection of our favorite places, made to guarantee you the best possible stay, in the areas of Scicli, Modica, Ragusa, this just to start. Then we will broaden our gaze even further, further on, expanding towards the areas of Noto, Syracuse and Catania, up to embrace the entire island.

This island of Sicily is a wonderful territory, to be discovered in several stages. From the sea, to the mountains, to the wonderful Etna. A synthesis of natural, architectural, culinary and artistic beauties, where you can live unforgettable experiences, kissed by the warm sun of this land and pampered by excellent food.

It is understood that we cannot guarantee for the work of others, so do not hold us responsible if there should be any inconvenience in the suggested services. Especially in mid-August …. And just so to remind you, always book the restaurant or the location on the beach, in high season and beyond, you never know.

Se volete espandere il vostro itinerario, qui sotto troverete una selezione su un territorio più ampio, della bravissima Caterina Zanzi di Conosco un posto, arrivata a Casa Farlisa per caso, come nostra ospite nel 2020, successivamente diventata anche mamma di uno dei nostri mici, Gigio. www.conoscounposto.com/sicilia-orientale-cosa-vedere-dove-mangiare/

And if that still isn’t enough, you can discover a selection of the best experiences and wonders that Sicily has to offer, thanks to the incredible guide written by Filippo di Fresco, Unforgettable Sicily: The Best Moments to Experience for an Extraordinary Vacation. Available for purchase as an e-book.

For any further advice we remain at your disposal. We are always happy to be able to show you in person the best of our territory, according to your needs and requests.
  • The small lakes of Cavagrande del Cassibile, a natural paradise

    The small lakes of Cavagrande del Cassibile, a natural paradise

    A tour to the Laghetti di Cava Grande del Cassibile offers an unforgettable experience in the heart of eastern Sicily. This protected natural area, located in Avola, in the province of Syracuse, is famous for its spectacular canyons carved over millennia by the erosive action of the Cassibile River. With its enchanting natural crystal-clear water…

  • The most beautiful beaches in South Eastern Sicily

    The most beautiful beaches in South Eastern Sicily

    Let’s face it right away Sicily is in Italy, an incredible combination of sea, climate, architecture and great food! A sun-kissed island, where summer begins in May and ends in late October. We who are in Scicli, in the beautiful Val di Noto, a UNESCO heritageUnesco, we are further south than Tunis. So to all…

  • Marzamemi, ancient seaside village

    Marzamemi, ancient seaside village

    Marzamemi is a small fishing village with a rich and fascinating history dating back to Roman times, but it was in the Arab period that its name, derived from the Arabic “Marza” (port) and “Memen” (small), began to take shape. The village’s history is deeply rooted in fishing and fish processing, particularly tuna, activities that…

  • Sicilian cuisine, a culinary journey through the centuries

    Sicilian cuisine, a culinary journey through the centuries

    Sicilian cuisine, with its explosion of aromas and colors, is the result of a millennia-long interweaving of cultures, dominations and trade that have made the island a veritable culinary melting pot in the heart of the Mediterranean.

  • What to see in Scicli, part two

    What to see in Scicli, part two

    We have already told you what to see in Scicli in our previous article, focusing on the museum sites on Via Mormina Penna. But of course, this small late Baroque Sicilian town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2002, offers much more. So in this article we will walk through the most characteristic and scenic…

  • Sicilian baglio, ancient farmhouse, between past and present

    Sicilian baglio, ancient farmhouse, between past and present

    The Sicilian baglio, with its imposing presence, is more than just an architectural element in the infinite beauty of the island’s landscape; it is a living symbol of Sicily’s feudal past, a testament to its rich agricultural and social history. These complexes, to which Farlis House a rightfully belongs, were once the beating heart of…

  • The Castle of Donnafugata

    The Castle of Donnafugata

    A bit of history The Castle of Donnafugat a is located in the Ragusa countryside, about 15 km from the city of Ragusa. The history of the Donnafugata Castle is inextricably intertwined with that of Sicily, reflecting the vicissitudes, political changes and cultural influences that have marked the island over the centuries. Originally part of…

  • Discover the best of Noto

    Discover the best of Noto

    Let’s discover together the best of Noto, about 45 minutes from Casa Farlisa, known for its unique architecture, through a tour that will make your vacation unforgettable. Noto, a jewel of Sicilian Baroque, is a city that encompasses centuries of history and culture. It is an eloquent testimony to the artistic and architectural greatness of…

  • Explore Ragusa

    Explore Ragusa

    Explore Ragusa is a pleasant outing from Casa Farlisa, an absolute must to get to know the area and appreciate it. A bit of history To explore Ragusa it is necessary to visit Ragusa Ibla, the ancient heart of the city, with its rich and complex history, is a jewel set in southeastern Sicily. Its…

  • What to see in Modica

    What to see in Modica

    Here is what to see in Modica during a visit, the main attractions of cultural interest that should not be missed. The Cathedral of San Giorgio A symbol of Sicily’s late Baroque architecture, the Cathedral of San Giorgio, with a breathtaking view, is one of the most iconic places to visit in the Hyblean territory,…

  • Easter in the Val di Noto

    Easter in the Val di Noto

    If you are interested in spending a special Easter in the Val di Noto area, which is famous for its beauty and culture. Here are some ideas on what to do at Easter in this fascinating region of Sicily.Easter is an important holiday in Italy, and in the Val di Noto you can participate in…

  • What to see in Scicli

    What to see in Scicli

    It is here, in the heart of the small late Baroque town, that you will find the timeless atmosphere that inspired the fiction of “Il commissario Montalbano.” Francesco Mormina Penna Street, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2002, is located in the historic center in Scicli. Here we find Scicli’s town hall, museums, noble palaces…

  • A new experience, a tour to Cava Paradiso

    A new experience, a tour to Cava Paradiso

    Along the provincial road from Modica to Rosolini, nestled in the typical Modican countryside but hidden in a valley, lies Cava Prainito, also known as Cava Paradiso. An enchanting place with wild and unspoiled nature, with special features unique to the area. The Prainito stream, a right tributary of the Tellaro, flows through the quarry.…

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